Terms and Conditions (My New Novella)

May I present my new horror novella: Terms and Conditions.


Download the audio from Bandcamp:

Find out what happens when an artist accidentally sells his inspiration to the devil.

A photographer, eager to get his work shown in the fabled Gallery of The Mysterious and the Macabre, agrees to the Curator’s terms without reading the fine print. Turn’s out the devil is in the details. His descent leads him into the seedy underworld of the inspiration thieves.

The tale unfolds in the spirit of a classic episode of The Twilight Zone, with the big reveal hiding just out of sight.

Read it as an ePub or PDF book. If you don’t feel like reading, let me read it to you as an mp3 audiobook. Each package contains original art, and in the case of the audiobook original music, by yours truly. All formats are available at the top of the page, and you can pay what you feel like paying.

Check out these video previews for an extra bit of creepy good fun:

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