My name is Drew Chial. I’m a wordsmith with a background in writing punch-up notes for films. I love giving advice on the craft. This site is packed with information on plot structure, characterization, developing a unique voice, and plowing through writer’s block.

My blogging philosophy spits in the face of conventional wisdom. I don’t rely on lists. I don’t cut posts short at 300 words. I finish my thoughts.  I don’t rely on the same stock photos you see everywhere. I design my own images. For those of you that don’t like walls of text I have audio versions of my posts.

I also have a library of short fiction. I live to write horror stories, urban fantasies, cyber thrillers, and satire. I even indulge in fan fiction and movie pitches. I’m currently looking for agency representation for my long form writing.

Check out my free audio book Terms and Conditions, the story of an artist who accidentally sells his inspiration to the devil.

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My story Grieving in Reverse is featured in the book Walk Hand and Hand Into Extinction: Stories Inspired By True Detective.

Fancy Pants Gangsters produced an audio drama based on my short story The Narration for the Redshift podcast.

My piece Red Flags won the Short Story and Flash Fiction Society’s recent Flash Fiction Contest.

I’ve written several news blurbs, film reviews, and geek culture editorials for nerdstoned.com.

My piece The Facebook Bait and Switch was featured on rogerebert.com.

My short story The Smilers was featured on CLASH Media’s main page.

My piece Andrew: A Story About Cinema Therapy was featured on rachelintheoc.com.

My piece Too Much Information: Why Writers Should Conceal Their Research was featured on Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.

My designs have been featured on scaretissue.com.

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  1. Hi, Drew! I always enjoy reading your blog. I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Congratulations! For more information, if you choose to accept, check out my post here… http://teleportingweena.wordpress.com (One Lovely Blog Award and Nominations). Thank you for sharing your awesome blog, and best wishes in your writing journey! ~Barbara

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