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To keep my site free of the boardroom stock photos you see everywhere else, I’ve chosen to design my own graphics. This means posing in ridiculous costumes, making Photoshop collages, and spoofing logos from TV, film, video games, and album covers. As I move into more and more design work, I thought it would be fun to share my efforts.


After getting a lot requests for prints of my art I decided to open a  store on REDBUBBLE where you can find prints and a whole lot more.

12 thoughts on “Design Gallery”

  1. Cool! I’m such a noob when it comes to Photoshop– always so impressed by the amazing things I see others do with it. Nice work on that front, and I love your spoofing! ‘Drewture’…ho ho ho.

    1. Thanks so much for checking them out. With so many of these designs, I tried to reverse engineer my favorite movie posters. There’s a lot that went into that Back to Future logo.

  2. My favorite thing about these photos is I bet they were so much fun to make! Your editing skills are so creative and your expressions are fantastic. Great idea to make your own visuals to compliment your blog posts, and you do it well. I’m impressed with your dedication. What I know of photoshop, it can be time-consuming.

    1. These were a ton of fun to make. At first, I was afraid to post pictures of myself on the blog at all. The first few had me trying to look badass and cool, they came off as ridiculous. My persona evolved into a scholarly doofus. I’m going for the Stephen Colbert of the literary world look.

  3. I must admit, I’ve never been here. *looks around* Nice place, BeetleDrewce. Is it new? I’ve always loved your graphics. (They’re like high-quality grelfies. Get it? Graphics and selfies? I crack myself up.) Anyway, glad to see these all in one place for some eye candy. Not that you’re eye candy. I mean, not that you’re NOT eye cand… *leaves*

      1. No, it isn’t new, but I keep adding so many no things to it. Sometimes I have cool designs that don’t fit any articles and this is the only place I have to put them.

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