The Pigeon King

Submitted for your approval, a mind-bending thriller about isolation, madness, and demon pigeons. THE PIGEON KING is OUT NOW!


This is my first collection of musical spoken word recordings. Each recording puts a satirical slant on self improvement, self medicating heartbreak with humor, and dropping the mic on depression. The recordings are scored with synth melodies, backing beats, and radio drama sound FX.

My audiobook Terms and Conditions is now free on Bandcamp. You can listen to it right here!

After getting a lot requests for prints of my art I decided to open a  store on REDBUBBLE where you can find prints and a whole lot more.


My audiobook short story collection Dream Detective is also free on Bandcamp. Listen here!

SHADOW PEOPLE is my second full length album. This LP is a soundtrack for daydreams and nightmares. It’s the perfect score for writers, filled with meditations for ideation.

SYMPTOMATIC is my first full length album. This LP is the soundtrack for a science fiction fantasy that’s playing exclusively in your imagination. It’s the perfect score for writers working on action scenes.

Advice for writers, stories about the world they live in.

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