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Lagging Behind (Audio Short)

Lagging Behind

Ever have that dream where you’re following a herd of deer across the city; the one where they lead you from the maternity ward to the cemetery? No, doesn’t sound familiar? How about the one where you’re struggling to keep up with your own peers? The dream gives you the perfect vantage point to see them accept their degrees, tour good homes, and enjoy extravagant wedding ceremonies.

In this dream journal entry, the two themes intersect. Listen as the deer devoir the future. Lag behind the herd as they chew on life events. Witness the nightmare of every millennial, the terror of every man child struggling to fly their way out of never never land.

This work of flash fiction is part of my Dream Detective series. To read the others Click Here.

Dream Detective: Flash Fiction about Dreams and Nightmares

It took a lot of restraint, preventing myself from calling this article "Drew Detective"
It took a lot of restraint to prevent myself from calling this article “Drew Detective”

Earlier this week, I made eight images inspired by the opening title sequence for True Detective. Not knowing what I’d do with them, I settled on writing a short story for each one. Due to the abstract nature of these collages, I decided to make this collection of flash fiction about dreams, pairing the ones I can remember with the right picture. This collection is dark, funny, and more than a little personal.

I invite you to play dream detective, to find the nuance in my nightmares, to surmise my subconscious. If you’ve ever had a dream like one of these, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Continue reading Dream Detective: Flash Fiction about Dreams and Nightmares