Dig: A Writer’s Oath

This was found on the first page of my notebook for the screenplay Savior Complex (my second attempt at a feature film back in 2008). I think I wrote this montra to motivate myself to write from a place of honesty. This last line kills me every time.

Dig: A Writer’s Oath

Down deep
To the shame and embarrassment
To the parts you’ve disowned
The habits you can’t seem to break

Show us your temperament
Your teenage oath

Confess to all your failures
And how with just a little bit more effort
They could’ve been so much worse

Cut us on your negative edge
Explain your madness
With all the sanity you’ve left to muster

But dig
Keeping digging
Until you hit hurt
Until you hit the truth

Naked wants to see you unraveled
Boiled down to your essence

Kicking and screaming
But never gladly

Only liars save face
There’s no dignity where you’re going

Tread heavy
A blunt instrument
Teetering on the brink
Over the edge
Ready to hit bottom…
… Where the truth lies

Oh, and remember; it’s a comedy

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