Inspiration smiles on me
Beckons me to her end of the bar
Then her smile turns into a frown
Inspiration keeps shooting me down
She mutters
Speaks through balled fists
She never repeats herself
She wants me to know what she’s thinking

The music is too loud
For her to concentrate
The room is too cold
The chairs are too narrow
She always has a headache
She always needs to take a break
Just as soon as she’s settled in
It’s time for her to go again

We have an open relationship
She lets herself in
Inspiration strikes in the middle of the night
Then she keeps striking until she’s sure I’m awake
She only wants my ear
When I’m sleeping on it
She only wants my attention
When it’s not hers to have

She has me
At the edge of my seat
Raining fingers across the keys
Then she forgets what she was talking about
She leads me through sweeping valleys
Lush forests
And rolling tundras
Then she looses her train of thought

She calls and hangs up
She texts an ellipsis
She’s the queen of the ding dong ditch
The bait and switch
She has trouble holding up
Her end of the conversation
She has trouble finishing her…
… Something something something

More than anything
She wants me to know that she’s there
That she’s mouthing the words that I can’t hear
That there is a language gap between us
She’s there to remind me
That it takes two to tango
She’s put the ball in my court
And I just don’t know what to do with it

Inspiration writes checks
For me to cash
She introduces me to the words
But it’s up to me to wow them
Inspiration does ten percent of the work
Then she’s blocks my calls
And gives me writer’s block
It’s up to perspiration to do the rest

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