Open House

Follow the dolphins into shore
Follow the power lines into the city
Follow the spot lights downtown
Follow the breeze into me

The balloons dangle from every street sign
The streamers swing from every fence
There’s a landing strip of Christmas lights
I spared no expense

There’s a teenager in saggy jeans
He spins a sign shaped like an arrow
He’s next to an inflated tube creature
Flailing its arms to and fro

There is no line
There are no stanchions
The bouncer beckons
He’s itching to stamp your hand

The wait staff applauds your every step
We’re finally open for business
Leave all your baggage at the coat check
Here’s a handful of drink tickets

Walk ins welcome
No reservations necessary
You’re invited
To an open house of me

Anything you want to know
Anything you want to see
The vault might be locked
But I’ll leave you with the key

The security grid is down
The dead bolt’s left to dangle
There’s no tape in the cameras
They’re all at a downward angle

The gargoyles have left their perches
The armor’s at the cleaners
The stuffed grizzly is still here
But it has an open demeanor

Our lines are open
Our operators are standing by
There’s no waiting time
There’s no automated reply

My shoulder is ready
To receive visitors
Not like the frozen tundras
Of all those other icebergs

I just don’t know what to do
When you need me to come to you

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