Guess Who Got Himself a Microphone?

Spoken WordGuess who just got himself a fancy schmancy new microphone? Guess who has been listening to audiobooks all month and said to himself, “I can do that.” Guess whose neighbors are tired of hearing him recite the same piece over and over again? Guess whose pets are staring at him in bewilderment? If you guessed me than your deductive reasoning skills are still working and you can check dementia off the list of possible neurological ailments you may be living with.

I have indeed purchased a microphone, with the intention of recording my work in progress. I figure if I can’t get everyone to read my stories then I might as well read them to you. Hell, with my busy schedule I listen to everything I read too. Voice adds an extra dimension to the author’s work.

Now it’s been a little while since I made my rounds on the spoken word circuit. I figured I might be a wee bit rusty. That’s why I recorded this effort here. What better way to launch my inaugural spoken entry than by using my first blog post?

It’s a piece called “Over Branding.” It’s one of the better rants that I’ve put to paper. It encapsulates all the desperate lengths we writers go to get our message out there (this may be another reason why it’s an appropriate first choice, nudge nudge know what I mean).

This was a fun piece to read silently to myself, but it was always meant to be delivered through a megaphone. It’s a crazed rant and that inflection really comes through here. Now you finally get to hear the sounds I was hearing in my head. Well, minus the buzz saws screeching cat noises. Enjoy!

Oh, and expect many more of these in the not too distant future… And something huge in the next few days.

Listen to Over Branding on Sound Cloud here:

Or Download the piece here: Over Branding

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