If You Can’t Make Them Read it, Read it to Them (Audio Blog)

Having trouble getting people to read your story? Do they get five hundred words in only to turn tail and run? Have you tried reading it to them?

This is my advice on home recording. It’s for writers who have done everything they can to get new readers, and are willing to try to get new listeners instead.

2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Make Them Read it, Read it to Them (Audio Blog)”

  1. Drew! You are…well, here’s what I threw around social media, “Drew is a spectacular reader, who happens to be a great writer. Listen up and do try this at home:>) I’m going to.”

  2. Excellent piece, mister. Particularly the weave of music around words, cunning choices (I was killing myself with giggles around the Mala/Scully bit.) Humour aside (oh and the pantyhose) – informative, just the right balance between formal –>colloquial so it didn’t sound like a manual, and well elucidated. Neat stuff.
    And don’t worry about not sounding like Benedict. He’s the 3% of Brit males who actually sound that good. The rest sound like a car backfiring.

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