Ridicule is a Bad Investment (Audio Blog)

(Download the instrumental version here)

If you’re going to invest your time writing, find a better subject than ridicule. The marketplace of ideas is saturated with it. It’s trading at its peak. Sell sell sell. You don’t want to be caught mocking someone when the market shifts. You’ll just seem like a jerk.

I know that cruelty can make your voice seem more authoritative, but the world doesn’t need another dictator. Trust me, I know that ranting can seem like a safe guard against receiving ridicule yourself. It takes a thick skin to take it on the chin.

This audio blog, this rant, is my critique on baseless criticism. As a written entry, it’s one of my most popular pieces, this time I brought a bass-line with me for backup.

2 thoughts on “Ridicule is a Bad Investment (Audio Blog)”

  1. I don’t often listen to an audio blog because I can read through the written entry much faster. This morning I found myself wondering, Why are you in such a hurry? I know exactly whose audio blog to turn to when I’d like to take a leisurely stroll instead of hurrying off to my destination.

    The music playing in the background fades into your voice so that it’s not a distraction, as some may assume. Instead, it has a soothing effect, until you kick it up a notch at just the right moment. Though I’m concentrating on the words more than the music, having the beat in the background does add to the impact the article itself makes.

    I’m glad you do these audio blogs, as well as the written entries. The audio versions are like going out to a fancy restaurant as opposed to cooking for yourself. It’s nice to let someone else do all the work sometimes. Thanks. 🙂

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