The Eye Rollers


The eye rollers
The chin raisers
The marble counting
Sanity appraisers
The mixed messengers
The somber smilers
The cheer exuding
Rank and filers

The long nodders
The collar biters
The head ducking
Out of sighters
The leg crossers
The seat adjusters
The wall erecting

The fair weather friendlies
The mute greeters
The face forgetting
Silent treaters
The blind spotters
The selective seers
The magicians deciding
Who disappears

The social climbers
The crowd surfers
The bridge building
Community pillars
The rolling stoners
The flattening boulders
The cool operating
Iceberg shoulders

The boulevard bouncers
The list they scroll through
The police enforcing
A charisma curfew
The heroes of exclusion
The enemies of empathy
The ducks always sending
Swans out to sea

The wheat reapers
The chaff removers
The hired hands separating
The bad from the pure
The black listers
The quality controllers
The assembly line full of
Eye rollers

5 thoughts on “The Eye Rollers”

    1. Thank you very much. I’m not entirely sure where this poem came from. Either I’m recovering from working in retail, or I’m realizing I don’t know anyone in this coffee shop.

  1. Somber smilers. Charisma curfew. Mute greeters. A veritable list of goodies. Love em all and how beautifully they’re jostling each other in this poem. Worth the bother! #happy. (Trust me to squeeze in a hashtag even in a comment. lol)

    1. Well played, with the hashtag.

      This might the hardest I’ve worked on a list poem. I had a rhyming dictionary and a thesaurus open the entire time.

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