Spring Forward, Fall Apart (Audio Short)

When cabin fever strikes, we all get to reenact Pink Floyd’s The Wall, here’s something I wrote about it.

All and all this iPhone is just another brick in the wall
All and all this iPhone is just another brick in the wall

(Download the instrumental version here)

I wrote this poem just as the leaves started to turn, and slowly but surly it became a self fulfilling prophecy. The cold has gotten so harsh that my dog refuses to step on the sidewalk for fear that the ice will chill her paws.

The clouds overhead have become a fixture. The stars won’t be back until May. The monochrome landscape isn’t as inspiring as it was a few months ago. Anything worth describing has been buried beneath a layer of white out.

There’s a city to explore, but subzero temperatures have a way of narrowing my field of vision. My introversion has gone from a choice, to something that’s necessary for my survival. If I wander the streets too long, I’ll die of exposure.

So here I am at home surrounded by a wall of screens.

I’ve got a season of House of Cards to watch. I’ve got a crackling electric heater. I’ve got a fridge full of left overs, and a dog demanding that I feed her. I’m comfortably numb, zoning out on the internet, wondering if there’s anybody out there.

7 thoughts on “Spring Forward, Fall Apart (Audio Short)”

  1. I love this presentation of your poem. I find the description of your hibernation fascinating as I have never experienced a cold Christmas, only a summer one. The white Christmas images that dominate the media always look so appealing. I don’t think I’ll be trading my summer one soon.

  2. “Daylight savings rob the mind” Fabulous line, completely relate. And from the looks of your recent Twitter updates you’re still in winter’s icy grip. 🙁 Spring is just arriving here and the eleven hours of daylight we’re now having are so welcome. Hope it reaches you soon too.
    Great poem, great presentation. Such talent.

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