This Year I Will Not Hibernate (Audio Short)


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These last few winters, the arctic chill has given me a good reason to stay in, to sink into my introversion. I’ve made a habit of hibernating, stocking up on movies and curling up to the warm glow of a TV screen. Come spring time, my prolonged isolation makes it hard for me to reenter society. Real people don’t talk like they do in the movies.

This spoken word mantra is my attempt to break myself of this habit, to brave the cold and do something with my nights, to stop waiting for the groundhog to give me the all clear, to help kick old man winter in the keister. I hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “This Year I Will Not Hibernate (Audio Short)”

  1. Hibernating is a valid option. (So says me.) But good for you getting out there spreading germs, neglecting your house, and letting your TBR pile topple over while you’re outside slipping on ice. Writing on matchbooks, napkins, receipts, and the like can be fun, though. I do that all year.

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