The Narration An Audio Drama By Drew Chial

Check out this audio drama based on my short story The Narration produced by the good folks at Fancy Pants Gangsters.


Every person has an internal monologue, a place where they can speak their innermost desires and private thoughts. But what if those secret musings didn’t stay secret? Find out as four friends encounter The Narration by Drew Chial.

Find it here:

Redshift Season 1 Episode 3 – The Narration by Drew Chial


4 thoughts on “The Narration An Audio Drama By Drew Chial”

  1. Hey, Drew. Love the concept of your story. I found it fresh and original. Did you write it for the purpose of being presented in audio format? It got me wondering how the experience would have been if read purely from the page (truly only wondering — not thinking it would have been better or worse, just different).

    Fun undertaking. Glad to see you trying a variety of media with your stories.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to it.

      I was thinking about how I might adapt it into an audio drama when I wrote, but at the time I didn’t know anyone interested in doing it. I submitted the story to the folks at Fancy Pants Gangsters last fall when they said they were interested in doing a Twilight Zone-esque radio drama series.

      My Soundcloud account is filled with stories I’ve adapted on my own, but this was nice handing it off to a full cast of actors.

      Again, thanks so much for checking this one out.

      1. Did you record the audio versions of your other things yourself (e.g., “Terms and Conditions”)?

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