Halloween Announcement Video

Stayed tuned to DrewChial.com all October for horror movie recommendations, audio plays, flash fiction, and Photoshopped Halloween costumes.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Announcement Video”

  1. Hahahaha! 😀 Maybe I have an odd sense of humor (I really do) but this had me laughing so hard. I’m looking forward to your Mash Up (and horror movie suggestions…those were great last year).

  2. I rarlely use the word “awesome” anymore, but this really was – even if I didn’t kinda sorta cyber-know you. I particularly loved seeing the fun your having as an adult, as well as the “live-action Drew.” It added another small layer of context to the wonder that is you.

    1. Oops. Tried to grab that typo (“rarely”) too late. Ah well. One of these days, you’ll add an edit feature. (Wait … do I even have one?)

      1. Well, it makes me laugh. And it makes me a little petulant. I want to join up with you and make ridiculous videos!

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