I thought I’d pop in and let you know what I’ve been up to since last summer.

On second thought, “pop in” sounds too passive. Not an action worthy of your time. Let me start again.

I thought I’d drive a chopper through your door, hurl scorpions at your lap, and sing a rock opera about frost giants. Still too subtle?

I thought I’d crash through your sunroof with a weaponized double-guitar firing flame from one stock and liquid nitrogen from the other. Hope you like Hanson covers, because I’m going to MMMBop your fucking socks off. Still. Too. Subtle?

I’m working on new novel. It’s two drafts deep. It uses the word “was” less often than my previous novel. I’ve been working on my core and feel you’ll sense that from my writing.

This blog will shift from the monster driven political satire I’d been writing into subjects that are more in tune with my new novel.

Things are about to get a lot spookier around here.


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