The Devils We Know (Spoken Word)

Have you ever felt like you were helping someone else hurt you? Like you were relinquishing control of your life? Like you were dating a drill sergeant? Like you clocked out of one job and into another one in the guise of a relationship? Like the devil demanded your ear and you couldn’t help but give him his due?

Here’s a poem about those charming monsters we can’t help but submit to. I wrote it several years ago about a friend who let one of them consume her.

The Distractions (Spoken Word)

What if you personified all of your distractions and they literally aimed to keep you from getting anything done? I wrote a story about it. Now I’ve read it aloud.

The Devils We Know

Devil FaceWe nestle up to the devils we know
Their pointed tails rip the mats from our hair
Their forked tongues coil around our forearms
Their flared nostrils sniff us for trace evidence

We hand them our work schedules
We give them creative control of our daily planners
We wait with our eyes on the floor
Hoping they leave us with enough time to sleep

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Fleeing the Beam

Spooky LightIt was five in the morning and I was hugging the museum wall. The lights were low and so was I. There was a security camera right above me. I was stuck in its blind spot, trapped inside an invisible cage that was but a few paces all around. This didn’t matter much. The air was still and so was I.

A woman’s face peered out from the dark. Her pallid skin was cracked and peeling. Her expression was vacant. The lights of her eyes had gone dim. It was Rembrandt’s famous painting the Lucretia. She stood over me in her blood stained gown, with one hand clinging to the curtain that kept her upright and the other to her dagger. Continue reading Fleeing the Beam

Multiverse Man (Spoken Word)

If you only listen to one science fiction story about social anxiety disorder today make it this one.

The Distractions

IMG_3225The bright shiny things parade through my apartment. They skip around on stiletto heals, head to toe in sequin ball gowns. They twirl in a coordinated dance that burns a trail of glitter into my eyes. Their faces are painted with color bars. Their eyes hide behind technicolor rainbows. Their smiles reside behind florescent swatches. They twirl their fingers through heads full of tinsel.

I put my hands to my temples to frame my field of vision, but something flickers across my fingertips. Continue reading The Distractions

Compartmentalize (Spoken Word)

If your imagination were a stronghold, this is a story about all of the bad things trying to break in and take it over.

Terms and Conditions (A Horror Novella)

May I present my horror novella: Terms and Conditions.


Download the audio from Bandcamp:

Find out what happens when an artist accidentally sells his inspiration to the devil.
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Book Recommendation: Quiet, The Power of Introverts

200px-QuietBookCoverThe best writers read. Go ahead and attach the words, “NONFICTION” to this commandment. I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction lately. Here’s a book I’ve found to be informative and inspiring.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
By Susan Cain

We prop up extraverts as shining examples of what to aspire to. We know more about celebrities’ than we do our own families. We let the TV vet the faces and voices we allow into our homes. When the medium is the message Tony Robbins and Mohandas Gandhi are on equal footing. Continue reading Book Recommendation: Quiet, The Power of Introverts

A Positive Affirmation for Negative People

Download A Positive Affirmation For Negative People

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