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Obscure Horror Movie Suggestions: Part 3

3. Holding Monocle

May I present Part 2 of my Obscure Horror movies suggestions series:

Found Footage and

Found footage movies are such a polarizing sub genre of horror that many moviegoers have written it off entirely. Most critics treat it like a gimmick rendering their verdict before sitting through an entire flick. Some of these movies don’t even bother maintaining the effect throughout, resorting to floating cameras and mood music.

Produced on shoestring budgets, found footage movies always earn a modest profit. This guarantees annual Paranormal Activity entries. The abundance of these movies has devalued the format. Three found footage possession movies premiered this October.

Still, I’m a sucker for the few films that make the technique work. Here’s my list of obscure entries worth watching.

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Reality Warping Reels and
Romance from the Twilight Zone

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Real World Horror and
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