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Missing Time (Audio Short)

(Download the instrumental version here)

You wake up in a room with no idea how you got there. There are clues, but your mind struggles to piece itself together. Who are you? Where is this? Why are you here?

This audio short is an account of my own experience with amnesia. It’s by far the best audio short I’ve ever posted.

I wanted to blur the line between the atmosphere and the music. I’ve taken foley FX and created a soundscape. It’s a living breathing hospital. Doctors swarm. Elevators ding. Sirens blare. A heart rate monitor keeps the time. My heart is the beat.

The music compliments the story. It’s haunting, hypnotizing, and soothing. Textured strings tumble over gentle piano. The melody builds as the revelations bubble to the surface.

The instrumental version would make fine music to inspire your writing.