My Summer Writing Soundtrack

19 thoughts on “My Summer Writing Soundtrack”

    1. It’s funny I wrote up an explanation for that but the Spotify link refused to work if I posted it in the same field.

      I like this playlist because it gives me a real noir vibe. These songs aren’t merely jazz. They’re dark jazz. These songs are perfect for writing horror, mystery, or slow burn thrillers. I seriously listen to this playlist at least once a day.

      1. In the past I’ve listened to the Silent Hill soundtracks whenever I was writing horror. They’re also worth checking out too.

      2. Also the Twin Peaks score is great and anything by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Their score are ideal for horror writing.

      3. It’s so silly, I keep looking for music and completely forgetting NIN! I only ever think of them when I’m driving or in some place where I can’t write down a reminder. I used to love them too!

      4. Awesome! I’ll see what I can do to hunt that down 🙂 I generally like instrumental stuff when I’m writing. I get too influenced or distracted when there’s lyrics

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