My Summer Writing Soundtrack

19 thoughts on “My Summer Writing Soundtrack”

    1. It’s funny I wrote up an explanation for that but the Spotify link refused to work if I posted it in the same field.

      I like this playlist because it gives me a real noir vibe. These songs aren’t merely jazz. They’re dark jazz. These songs are perfect for writing horror, mystery, or slow burn thrillers. I seriously listen to this playlist at least once a day.

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      1. Oh neat! I’ll check it out then. I’ve been getting into writin horror recently and have been struggling to find a good soundtrack for it. However! There’s one on YouTube I’ve really been enjoying:

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      2. It’s so silly, I keep looking for music and completely forgetting NIN! I only ever think of them when I’m driving or in some place where I can’t write down a reminder. I used to love them too!

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