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Unusual Halloween Traditions

Leave it to me to get carried away with a hashtag. This Halloween I took the hashtag #UnusualHalloweenTraditions and just ran with it long after it stopped trending on Twitter. These are my new favorite Halloween traditions:

  • Caroling for Cthulhu
  • Mock witch trial
  • Mock trail for a human soul
  • Deck the halls with entrails
  • The family autopsy
  • The family game of Ouija board Twister
  • Leaving snakes in public toilets
  • The blessing of the candies by heretics
  • Setting up the manger scene for Rosemary’s baby
  • Kissing beneath the missing human toes
  • Leaving milk and cookies for the cenobites
  • Reading the Sumerian book of the dead to sick children
  • The pouring of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes to honor our fallen homies

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#WriterConfessions: Volume 3


Behold the continued chronicles of my lapses in lucidity, infractions against intelligence, and brain farts on brilliance. I, like every other connected confessor, have opted to admit my written wrongdoing in the form of a meme.  Continue reading #WriterConfessions: Volume 3

Writer Confessions: Volume 2

Volume 2

Explore the sinful depths of my writing confessions, transgressions against composition, and crimes against literacy.

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#WriterConfessions: Volume 1

TITLEOnline confessions are nothing new, but mine fit into a very specific niche. These are author admissions of literary sins and crimes against inspiration. Since I’ve commit so many scholarly atrocities in my time, this batch is only the first volume. Continue reading #WriterConfessions: Volume 1